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15 'Athlete Type' Tests 15 Athlete TestsAfter you’ve determined your primary goal (vertical jump vs. speed) you will be given this exact series of 15 tests that will grade your body’s athletic performance. and based on the results you get from THIS test, you’ll be given a CUSTOM 12-week workout program specifically designed for your EXACT needs. Normally I charge my private clients $100 to go through this hour long process with me so the value of these tests alone is… [Value $100]


Upper Body WarmupUpper Body Warmup The Upper Body Warmup is a series of 4 unique and simple exercises you will do BEFORE every upper body workout. It was carefully designed to heat up your muscles so that you’ll be able to lift 2x as much weight with HALF the effort giving you results FASTER than you’d expect all while decreasing your chances of getting injured. [Value: $47]

Upper Body Workout -

Strength, Power, and Speed

PhaseUpper Body Workout This Upper Body Workout has 3 main phases, Strength, Power and Speed. The phase you start in will be determined by the grade you get on the 15 ‘athlete type’ tests. Inside the 4-week STRENGTH phase you will be building your functional strength foundation which will allow you to man handle your opponents on pure strength alone. Inside the 4-week POWER phase you’ll be converting the strength you just created in the last 4 weeks into powerful fast-twitch muscle fibers making you and unstoppable athlete. Inside the 4-week SPEED phase you’ll be converting the strength and power you’ve created over the past 8 weeks into a lightning fast upper body that works in perfect harmony with your lower body. This is the exact upper body workout I use with my private clients who pay me $2,400 to train them for 12 weeks (2 times per week on upper body) so the real world value of this is…[Value: $2400]

Lower Body WarmupLower Body Warmup

Do these 10 simple but effective exercises BEFORE every one of your lower body workouts to heat up your necessary muscles to make you 2x MORE explosive. It was carefully designed to make sure you not only get more explosive but also decrease your chances of getting an injury while playing. [Value $47]

Lower Body Workout - Strength, Power and Speed PhaseLower Body Workout

The Lower Body Workout also has 3 main phases, Strength, Power and Speed. The phase you start in will be determined by the grade you get on the 15 ‘athlete type’ tests. Inside the 4-week STRENGTH phase you will be building functional strength in your legs allowing you to stand your ground when needed and also get past defenders on your pure strength alone. Inside the 4-week POWER phase you will be converting your leg strength into power, creating more fast-twitch muscle fibers in your leg muscles making you an unshakable athlete who uses his power to create any outcome he wants in the game. Inside the 4-week SPEED phase you will be converting your leg strength and power into lightning fast speed you can use to almost always blow past your opponents making it almost impossible for them to keep up with you. This is the exact lower body workout I use with my private clients who pay me $2,400 to train them for 12 weeks (2 times per week on lower body) so the real world value of this is…[Value: $2400]


14 Lightning Fast Sprint Variationssprintvariations

These 14 Lightning Fast Sprint Variations were carefully designed to increase your first step quickness, to maintain your fast acceleration and to decelerate at will. This means you’ll become an EXPERT at blowing past your defenders/opponents and once you’ve passed them, they won’t be able to catch up to you because you’ll just keep on accelerating like crazy. And you’ll also have the ability to STOP ON A DIME and change direction to make your defenders/opponents miss you almost every time. [Value: $47]

11 Rotational CORE ExercisesRotational Core Exercises

These 11 Exercises were designed to add instant explosiveness to your game making you almost impossible to guard by increasing the rotational torque of your CORE. This series of 11 rotational core exercises is especially good for sports where you have to rotate your trunk a lot like baseball, golf, tennis, hockey and lacrosse. The power of these exercises makes you more explosive when you also combine them with...[Value: $37]

11 Power Movement CORE Exercises11 Power Movements

These 11 exercises increase your CORE power making a much stronger player. Because of this your opponents will FEAR guarding you because of their lack of core strength that you now possess. This is especially good for sports like football, basketball, wrestling, boxing, MMA fighting etc… …and works even better when you combine it with the 11 core rotational exercises above. [Value: $37]

Hip Igniter Workout

Hip Igniter Workout

This unique 5 minute circuit style workout will increase your hip flexibility and your hip strength making your sprint strides longer, and your jumps up to 30% more powerful. This circuit is a must for any athlete looking for that edge over their competition. [Value: $37]

TTS 4th Gear Workout

TTS 4th Gear

The 4th Gear Workout was specifically designed for athlete just starting out who needs to build a foundation for more advanced speed training. This workout is low intensity and can be done WITHOUT a weight room or serious equipment. [Value: $77]

TTS Nutrition Blueprint

TTS Nutrition Blueprint

If you do everything else perfectly but you mess up your nutrition you will never get the results you want. That is why we’ve created the TTS Nutrition Blueprintwhere I’ll show you an ideal example diet. I’ll show you…

  • What to ALWAYS eat
  • What to SOMETIMES eat
  • What to NEVER eat
  • And HOW MUCH to eat.

That way you never have to be confused about eating too much or too little. Instead you’ll know exactly what to eat so that you maximize your results. [Value: $77]

The PERFECT Form Running SystemForm Running System

Most athletes have bad form. Period. And did you know that by just placing your arms and legs in the RIGHT position you could instantly DROP your sprint times? In this video I’ll show you EXACTLY where to put your arms and legs to instantly become faster in 2 seconds flat. [Value: $47] That brings the total value of this offer to $5,316 if you were to get all of this separately...

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When you order TTS Elite today for a limited time only you will also get the following SEVEN bonuses absolutely FREE worth an additional $297.85…

Bonus 1: The 30-Day Vertical Jump Cure 30 Day VJC

In the 3o-Day VJC you'll discover exactly how to add 2-6" to your vertical jump within the next 4 weeks so that you'll finally be able to throw down a sick dunk on a 10 foot hoop, or catch the football above everybody else, or catch a baseball flying over your head, or return a volleyball at an angle no one else can reach. This 30-Day workout includes EXACT exercises, routines and meal plans and much more to make sure you get the results you need. [Value: $77]

Bonus 2: 11 Forearm Exercises

Forearm Workout

Here’s why you want STRONGER forearms and hands… Basketball: You’ll be able to pull more rebounds right over you opponents head and it will be easier for you to dribble the ball effortlessly with ball-on-string movements. Baseball: You’ll increase your bat speed and throwing velocity. Football: You’ll be able to hang on to the football tighter making it almost impossible for you to fumble while increasing your number of receptions and interceptions. Volleyball: This will add velocity to your serves letting you make more aces. Golf: You’ll drive the ball farther than you’ve ever driven it before. Tennis: Your serve velocity will increase dramatically. [Value: $37]

Bonus 3: Foam Roll Series

Foam Roll Series

This is a full on foam roll routine that enables your body to recover at a much higher rate. After rigorous training, you will actually need to break up the muscle tissue in your body if you want to make the fastest and most efficient gains. Our foam roll series takes you through the exact routine you should be following to make these insane gains! [Value: $47]

Bonus 4: Flexibility Cure


You need to think of your Muscles like a rubber band. The further you pull back on the rubber band, the further it’s going to fly when you let go. Imagine instantly lengthening your muscles to the point where you run faster, and jump higher. Within just a few Flexibility Cure workouts you will tap into this stretch effect, giving you instant explosive gains on your: vertical jump, speed, strength, power, quickness, etc... [Value: $77]

Bonus 5: 51 Snacks To Boost Your Vertical Jump

51 Snacks To Jump Higher

Imagine having a list of 51 delicious snacks you can eat starting today to boost your vertical jump by 30% almost overnight -- and the best part is that you probably already have these snacks in your fridge at home…you just don't know what they are…yet. [Value: $19.95]

Bonus 6: 21 Protein Meals21 Protein Packed Meals

These 21 meals are designed to add the needed protein to your diet to help reduce the risk of muscle loss. These meals will give you the best chance to pack on the clean muscle weight that you want. [Value: $19.95]

14 Protein Shakes

14 Protein Shakes

14 great tasting smoothie recipes using various fruits with high anti-oxidant values that are extremely easy to make. They're protein packed as well which means they're great for breakfast and post workout meals. And again you most likely have all the ingredients in your kitchen already. [Value: $19.95]


Special VIP Group Access



Special Access to my "private" VIP customer only Facebook group where you'll have direct access to me. You'll be able to ask me questions about anything and you'll also be able to meet other athletes just like you from all over the world who are a part of the Twice The Speed family. (Value: $97 p/month) Absolutely Free!

My Personal Email Address

I realize everybody is different and that you'll have questions as you go through the routine so that's why…you'll get 24/7 access to my personal email address so that you can ask me any questions you want and get an answer within 24 hours. (Value: $97 p/month) Absolutely Free!

Own Your Calves Workout

Did you know that the way you train your calves affects your vertical jump…and that you can add an extra 2-3" to your vertical jump by just training your calves a certain way? Discover the exact exercises that will give you explosive calves fast! (Value: $37) Absolutely Free! [/features_box_light_green]

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  • Bonus 1 - Easy 30-Day Meal Plans - One of the biggest reasons athletes fail to jump higher is because they are not feeding their body correctly. In this nutrition guide I tell you EXACTLY what you need to be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Value: $37) Absolutely Free!
  • Bonus 2 - Muscle Confusion Shower System - A few years ago I accidentally discovered how to accelerate my vertical jump results by doing a simple 5-10 minute trick in the SHOWER. (Yep. The shower) And now you'll be able to jump higher faster. (Value: $37) Absolutely Free!
  • Bonus 3 - How To Naturally Grow Up To 2 Inches Taller - Did you know you could do this ONE thing for 2 minutes a day and naturally grow an extra 2" taller over time? Discover exactly what you can do to naturally grow 2" taller. (Value: $27) Absolutely Free!