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Every Pro Scout and College Coach loves a hitter with serious bat speed. With this full 30 day program I will show you exactly what you need to do to increase your bat speed by up to 10 MPH in the next 30 Days.

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Dead Red Hitting System

The 30 Day Bat Speed Cure


Every Pro Scout and College Coach loves a hitter with serious bat speed. With this full 30 day program I will show you exactly what you need to do to increase your bat speed by up to 10 MPH in the next 30 Days.

Connor teamed up with world famous trainer Jack Cascio to design a program that shows you what to do from a baseball as well as sports performance stand point so you can increase your bat speed.  Not only will this program increase your bat speed through specific drills but this will also show you the exact program to follow for an entire 30 days to give you that explosive bat speed you are craving. 

Phase 2

Here Are Some Of The Benefits

✔ Increase Your Bat Speed by 10-15 MPH in Only 30 Days
✔ Increase Your Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber Ratio in Your Body to Turn You Into an An Explosive Machine
✔ Eliminate Inefficiencies in Your Swing to Not Only Increase Your Bat Speed but to Increase Your Batting Avg. Too!
✔ Learn How to Use Your Legs and Your Core To Become Explosive In The Batter's Box




Wanted to thank you for your bat speed program.  I am mashing right now like I never have before.  The workouts by jack were great and hopefully it has taken my game to a different level.

Mitch S.



Hey Connor,

I've been using the workouts you have featured in your videos and I've been seeing a HUGE increase in my hitting ability. This is a great program that you have and I will continue to use it. This is top of the line instructing. My batting average has gone from .409 to  .621 in just 3 weekend tournaments that we play in and everything just feels right in my swing, if you know what I am talking about. Thank you.




I've been using this with my team and I have noticed shocking results.  Players who did not understand how to use their legs in their swing now not only know how to use their legs but now know how to create power in their swing.  Thanks again for taking the time to create this great hitting System

Matt C.

High School Baseball Coach


Here's What You Get With The 30 Day Bat Speed Cure


Phase 1 – Instant Bat Speed Boost
($77 Value)


Phase 1 30 Day Bat Speed Cure

During the Instant Bat Speed Boost we are going to actually show your swing specific muscles how to swing a baseball bat quicker and more powerful than they ever have before.First, we start with preparing your body to reach higher physical capabilities with targeted workout exercises designed to train your muscles to gain strength and fire faster than they ever have before.These exercises will train your brain to remember how to fire your muscles as fast as they possibly can through our designed plan.Next, I will show you specific baseball drills that will focus on your swing to increase your bat speed during your swing and also eliminate inefficiencies in your swing that are causing you to lose bat speed.After you get done swinging for the day, we have specific core training in order to make your core stronger and more explosivethen it ever has been before.The last part of each phase will be home exercises so even if they can’t make it to the cage that day then the player can still get his work in towards his goal of increasing his bat speed.


Phase 2 – Breaking Your Bat Speed Plateau ($77 Value)


Dead Red Hitting Phase 2

In this phase we are going to be introducing new concepts, drills, and variations of exercises that will keep your body continually developing towards your goal of maximizing your bat speed.

I would like to expand more on exactly how we are going to accomplish this but it’s our biggest secret!

I’ll give you a little clue….

It has to do with the unique, propriety way that Jack and I have structured the workouts to absolutely shatter your current plateau.


Phase 3 – Game Speed Transitional Phase($77 Value)


Phase 3 30 Day Bat Speed Cure

In the game speed transitional phase we are going to show you exactly how to carry all of your newly acquired bat speed over to the batters box off a live pitcher.

After all, we are not trying to make you the best 5 O’Clock Hitter in Baseball!

This will focus on:

  • Full Power Set Up – The entire framework of what your set up should be in the box and exactly how to customize it to your swing. This is not a cookie cutter set up and can be adapted by using only principles of a swing as opposed to changing someone’s entire stance or set up.
  • Your Hitter’s Check List – Exactly How you should be getting your timing every single day in batting practice
  • Drills built around timing that will show you exactly how to get your muscles firing as fast as possible off a live arm.

And here is the best part….

For a limited time we are going to offer you one heck of a deal.


Because we want you to have that unexplainable feeling when you are rounding the bases after you hit a 3 Run Jack off the best pitcher in the league.

It’s really something you just can’t duplicate. Pure Joy.

But of course when you are jogging around the bases you are doing everything to mean mug everyone and keep yourself from cracking a smile.